About Us

Xenacom Limited was established in 1997 and has specialised in software development since inception. Initially concentrating on the development of software for the global agricultural market, Xenacom is now focussed on the development of customised mobile solutions for a wide range of industries, both international and domestic. In 2007 Xenacom became a worldwide distributer of MobileFrame, a software development tool for mobile applications.

Xenacom also uses the MobileFrame platform to develop customised solutions for a wide range of clients as well as its own suite of industry specific solutions. All solutions are developed in accordance with licensing arrangements agreed between Xenacom and MobileFrame.

Xenacom Australia PTY Ltd was incorporated in 2009 to provide MobileFrame consultancy and development services due to increasing inquiries from Australia.

Xenacom has developed a significant range of MobileFrame solutions for clients in New Zealand and internationally. In most cases we also provide ongoing support of these solutions. We have also developed our own products for sale in the agricultural sector. These applications include XenBee for the apiary industry and XenTrial for the seed industry. XenBee is continually supported on a centralised database and accessed by subscriber apiarists.

The nature of the MobileFrame development tool plus the small size of our organisation means we can work intimately with the Customer through all aspects of the development process including quality assurance. This frees us from the extensive bureaucratic processes deployed by large corporate development houses and enables us to deliver a cost effective end product that fits the customer’s needs.

MobileFrame is the leading enterprise mobility platform, helping businesses to replace paper-based processes with wireless applications that improve their bottom-line. MobileFrame pioneered the field of Configurable Mobile Application software, offering the first true rapid deployment mobile solutions. All programming and synchronization complexities are handled in the background so they are transparent to the business user. These features make MobileFrame software readily adaptable to changing business processes.

MobileFrame’s engineers build software that is simple to use and gives customers a clear and measurable return on their investment. MobileFrame software provides a solution that allows industry best-practices to be implemented by a wide variety of diverse business enterprises permitting those enterprises to reshape their mobile activities to become more efficient and, as a result, more profitable.

Our Values

  1. We envision our future
  2. We are united in making our lives better
  3. We have an insatiable drive to evolve
  4. We do not exist for profits alone
  5. We define our own success
  6. We are interested in more than just “making it”
  7. We listen. We innovate. We are driven
  8. We are never satisfied
  9. We analyse it. We develop it. We test it. We make it better
  10. We find a way to succeed

Xenacom is an entrepreneurial-driven company dedicated solely to being the pre-eminent innovator, developer and supplier of mobile solutions to the world.

Core Values

  1. Absolute integrity in all that we do
  2. An insatiable drive to improve as individuals and a company
  3. Encouragement of individual initiative and personal development
  4. Obsessive about innovation, quality of product and customer satisfaction

Why we are different

Xenacom combines a solid understanding of technological capability and your business to be your partner in success. As a partner we are focused on solutions that meet your needs - bringing just the right knowledge, process and technology.

We focus on our core business and measure our success on the value we deliver to you. Plus we are small enough to provide personalised service and remain nimble to keep in step with your needs as they change. Our CEO, Heather McEwen, takes a personal interest in ensuring client satisfaction regardless of the nature of the type of relationship with Xenacom.

Our approach and people bring uncompromising integrity to understanding your industry and goals and then improving your performance.