Xenacom Services

We can ensure that any MobileFrame application EXACTLY matches your business needs by:

Quickly creating prototypes for any paper-based forms you may currently use

  • Our approach is to customise each project to your needs, bringing our experience and expertise to work with you in all aspects of your project.

Providing training in the use of the MobileFrame software

  • Xenacom are fully certified MobileFrame trainers and can train your staff in the use and administration of MobileFrame at a schedule that fits with your business.
  • We help you maximise what you get from new technological solutions by ensuring your staff are ready to use these new tools.

Assist you with any analysis and development you may need

  • Gathering information from a range of sources - existing documentation, specifications, subject matter experts (SMEs).
  • Recording and organising the information gathered.

Provide documentation in any format for developed or in-house applications

  • Installation, "how-top" and "getting started" guide.
  • User guides, operation, reference and administration manuals.
  • Business procedure manuals and workflow charts.
  • Software user assistance, including online help and web help.
  • Training/instruction manuals
  • quick reference cards, charts and posters.

Assist and advise you with any hardware or other IT issues

  • Xenacom offer a hosted service which minimises your capital costs while retaining full functionality for your staff.
  • Xenacom can also offer clients an attractive easy-to-manage way to finanace technology solutions.